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Welcome to Seahorses

Year 3

Teacher: Miss Allen

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Nevers & Mr Hunt 

Thinking ahead to World Mental Health Day tomorrow (10/10/2020), we have been looking at mindfulness and how we can help ourselves to relax and find calmness. The calendar above has a two-week calendar filled with five-minute exercises (examples included!) that you might like to try with the children at home. Let us know how you get on!

Why is the sun dangerous?

Year 3’s science learning this afternoon had them answering the question ‘why is the sun dangerous?’ as part of their light topic. We had 9 facts about the sun to sort, first into good and bad effects, then on a line from ‘hero’ to ‘villain’. I think that you’ll agree they did very well!

Our first Headteacher’s award of the year!

Well done to Mason for being the first member of Seahorse Class to be given a Headteacher's Award this year! Mason showed some incredible aspiration to go above and beyond what was expected of him when retelling the Islamic Creation Story. His work has rightly been put up on our Wonder Wall for all to see!

We had a fantastic time this afternoon investigating what happens to a shadow when an object moves closer to, or further from, a light source.


The children made shadow puppets and tested their theories by moving them around in the space between the torch and the card. We even had some groups making up shows to entertain us with!


Why not ask the children what happens when an opaque object gets closer to a light source? How does its shadow change? What if it gets further away? Why is this?

Freeze frames

We've reached the stage of our book where there's some real emotion, so we had a go at acting this out via some freeze frames on Wednesday morning. Have a look to see if you can tell what's going on...
After so many days apart, we have spent a lot of time talking about friendship. We made special friendship cards to pass on to our friends. These cards included our own poems about the special ingredients that make up true friends. We are proud of our work!